Rays of Light

“Huh. ‘Rays of Light’… the hell even is that??”, you mutter, as you curiously open what seems a carefully curated page within Amor Bellator:

“Toto, we’re not on the Dark Web anymore!”

Clearly not Hell, an angelic choir spontaneously swells into resonant song, heralding the glory of some of the most inspiring sites included on Amor Bellator, to date. Best of all, a Tor anonymity router is entirely unnecessary for access. No big deal, we’re just accommodating like that.

Links. Favorites. Resources. Blogroll. Whatever the kewl kids are calling it, these days. They still need to get off my lawn.

By all means, do avail yourself of the highly recommended Web pages below. We don’t carefully curate this page for our health, or for profit. We’re givers like that. Who knows, you just might find yourself equally moved to spread the link love on your own site. Now that’s a pandemic we can all get behind!



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