Warmest welcome to Amor Bellator!

This safe space was audaciously created with the following inspired intentions:

  • As clarion call to fellow Lightworkers everywhere, who also seek to connect with other like-minded individuals united by common goals, centered in our own dedicated niche within the blogosphere community.  If you already have a blog with similar theme, please feel free to share your URL; as linking Blogrolls expands mutual audience reach, while furthering individual message and goals. Conversely, if your personal blog has nothing to do with the theme here, but you support the purpose of Amor Bellator, you are also happily encouraged to similarly link up by offering the address of your page.
  • To actively invite Guest Bloggers to contribute content of their choice, as often as reasonably possible, and as many times as they care to be featured. Yes, this means YOU the person reading this right now, too!  It isn’t a community if I do all the talking, after all. As I get this blog up and running, I will create a Submission Guidelines menu page, to get anyone interested and willing started. Patience, grasshopper. This is an aspect of Amor Bellator that I am particularly excited about, but I would be lying if I didn’t confess to worrying that no one will volunteer. No guilt, or pressure, or anything. Ahem.
  •  As a personal means to chronicle the most recently active developments concerning my ongoing learning and efforts to achieve new/higher levels in my decades-long spiritual, metaphysical, and self improvement journey. It’s for SCIENCE  posterity!
  • Um, more intentions to be delineated as I come up with them. Possibly. Maybe. Oooh, look! Shiny! 

Meanwhile, you may be wondering:  “Okay, but REALLY, what’s up with all the Latin?!? Most of us didn’t study that in school! And that angel with the sword? What gives??”

Creative license? Ha ha. Nah, our blog designer just intensely appreciates the beauty of a language that is not dead, to her, anyway. She also felt the angel image perfectly captured the essence of the mission here:

Amor Bellator = Love Warrior

Lux Bellator = Light Warrior

Virum Dei = Warrior of God*

et Lumen Fidei Defensorem = Defender of the Light and Faith

…  So, what better than a Warrior Angel to depict and encapsulate all that? Plus she’s, like, really pretty. Regulation hottie with a weapon, if you will. Don’t hate, appreciate.

*DISCLAIMER:  It cannot be stated more emphatically that the inclusion of “God” in the tagline motto is in no manner intended to offend those who don’t refer to their deity-of-choice (or lack thereof!) by that title. Back in the day, Latin happened to be chock full of references to “Deus”,”Dei”, and other variations of same. Don’t shoot me, shoot Google Translate; especially if you happened to take Latin in school, and spot errors. Generally, your mileage may vary concerning content, but hopefully speed limits will be respected. If not, they will be strictly enforced, if you pick up the metaphor being put down. Thank you for your patience, respect, and understanding in advance.

Should what you’ve read about Amor Bellator thus far resonate with you, it is my hope you will decide to stick around, and perhaps even participate. Or lurk, whichever. You do you, boo boo, because no one else can do the voodoo that you do so well! Shoop, shoop.

Overall, I’d like to sincerely thank you for your time in reading this far, even if you choose not to return. Free will is just that, after all. Whenever you change your mind, this virtual home will welcome your prodigal self with open arms. 😉

In love and light,


(Founder of what will ideally become the Amor Bellator Legion)