Messages from Heaven, Part I

The following transcript is from an hour-long taped recording of a private in-person session I had on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017; with a thoroughly-vetted psychic Medium. This woman is locally renowned for her ability to connect to Spirit, and the deceased, with uncanny accuracy during cold readings.  The sole prior information given to her was my first name, over the phone at time of booking.

What you are about to read is subject to your own belief(s), and is not intended to prove or disprove whatever said belief(s) might be. This transcription merely reflects my personal experience, conveyed precisely as told to me.  All I can sincerely relate is, the information contained herein is utterly chilling in its contextual veracity, and includes specific detail no other living soul could possibly know about otherwise.  In more ways than one, it would seem.

[All emphasis below, is hers.]

“Okay. Before we start, I want you to know that the minute you walked through the door, I felt enveloped by a feeling of pure PEACE. You have such a bright light within you, to the point I am actually glad you went with black and dark grey clothes today… if you’d chosen a hot pink color instead, for example, you’d be blinding!

There are three stepping forward for you today:  an older male who identifies as your father, a younger female who indicates she is your niece, and one of your two guardian angels- I am getting a more “masculine” energy from this angel, while your other angel is more “feminine” in aspect. I know, you look surprised (laughs), but it’s common for people to have more than one guardian angel from birth- one woman I read for had five! Some souls need more protection from the darkness than others, is all. Anyway…

[Pausing, listening] Mmm hmm. Okay. Yes.

Your father wants to speak first, but your niece is clamoring for my undivided attention… she is verrrrry high energy, almost ADD or ADHD, I want to say.  She is also very funny! She is saying that it surprises her that you, of all people, are here today. [Pause]  Oh my gosh, she is hysterical: she is laughing, and showing me all the times you tried to teach her about metaphysics and crystals… at the time, and this is exactly how she says it, she was like ‘Okurrrrrrrrrr Aunt Kimmy, whatever, it’s a bunch of ROCKS!’ She smiles, and says, ‘How the tables have turned! Now it’s MY CHANCE to give you back some of the weird crap you tried to tell me, all those years!’ She also now knows that you were absolutely right, crystals do have healing properties.

She wants to start by saying she is sorry for not making you feel “heard” during those times, most especially when you would try to help and talk about her “issues”. You often worried that you were having no effect whatsoever. It wasn’t that she didn’t care, or appreciate the effort, her mind was just always on three or four different things at once. She notes it is the same with the rest of the relatives: you often “speak up” in the family, but no one ever seems to truly “hear” you, and that puts you in a frustrating position. This was very much the case at her passing: when everyone else was freaking out, you were always “the voice of reason”.  She says you can’t give in to discouragement though, because some people remember your words later on in the silence when they finally have a minute to pause. Still, you were always VERY patient with her, really almost too patient and calm, at times when you should have been more upset.

She admires you, because you work tirelessly to encourage other people to “wake up”; and to have more love, trust, and compassion. You never made her feel judged, and she thanks you for that. She points out that you look at yourself like a “weirdo”, “the black sheep of the family”, the “outsider or outlier”: that is not how she sees you, not how your angels see you, and most importantly that is not how GOD, our Creator sees you. And, that is NOT how you ARE.  You are the one person who, even though people might say you have your “little quirks”, these same people intuitively know this is your authentic self, THIS IS WHO YOU ARE.  There is no “front” that’s put on. Your ability to be so open, so candid, and so genuine with everyone… your unique PRESCENCE… is what they truly see and feel. She notes your mother simply looks at you as “marching to the beat of your own drum”.  She lovingly tells you to stop believing the lies you tell yourself, to stop the critical tapes in your head.

[Pause, listening]  Goodness, she goes so fast… it’s like loop-de-looping keeping up…. okay. Yes. Alright. Okay.

She says you need to give yourself more credit, because at a time when most people have gone inward over her passing, you have gone OUTWARD. You tried to talk about her, and speak about her passing in a way in which people could “open up” about it. She wants to thank you for that, as well.  She wants you to also know that she is SO PROUD of you:  you, she says, are INSPIRING… to her, and to others. This is because instead of becoming angry, bitter, or vengeful; you have become SOFTER. This takes great courage. You must never think of yourself as “crazy” for your interests or beliefs, if anything, she wants you to think of yourself as “gifted”.  You have the ability to “see” past our current circumstances. Everyone else in the family prefers to be “half-asleep”, and not go in too deep. They, would rather stay busy and distracted by ACCOMPLISHING. You, are the TRUTH SEEKER, and TRUTH TELLER. You have the wisdom of knowing there are greater riches to be found far beyond the physical realm.

You have consciously avoided your gifts in past because the time was not right. This is changing, and with effort towards reintegration of the splitting of your Mind, Body, and Soul from separate thirds back to wholeness/Oneness, you will rediscover and reclaim your rightful abilities. Yoga and Reiki will be the keys to this effort, along with a physical component such as kickboxing.  You also need a place for your SOUL to sit down… you have a place for your body to rest, but not your soul. You need to set aside a sacred, dedicated place for your spiritual needs. It doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate, but it must be ONLY for Spirit to dwell. It can be a room, a chair, a yoga mat, whatever… but the point is you must make the space and time for this.

She says you have been living mainly in Mind for many years, but now is the time for you to move from Mind into Body, then Body into Soul. You are extremely sensitive to light, sound, scent, temperature, textures, and touch: she suggests a weighted blanket to wrap up in, especially during your spiritual work. You feel EVERYTHING in your stomach region… the solar plexus. She notes this as the root of the bulk of your body’s “DIS-EASE”, as she enunciates it. Your autoimmune issues stem from your anxiety.  Your body is exhausted by your irregular sleep patterns, and constant dietary changes. You must be more gentle with yourself, which is why yoga will aid with the silence and focus you need, and allow healing to flow through you. She cautions that you must make sure you are regularly centering, and grounding yourself:  she suggests imagining yourself as a building with lightning rods on it, and visualize your energy harmlessly flowing over and grounding accordingly. More shielding will aid in avoiding the overwhelm that so often paralyzes you. Remember to breathe. Find the silence. Take time off from work when you need to, no matter how guilty it makes you feel. Also, she laughingly thinks you’re nuts for always working on Christmas… but she knows your mind, ‘Who will do it, if not me? Who will show them the warmth and nurturing they need?” She is grinning…”

To be continued…

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