Close Encounters of the Supernatural Kind

“Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are eternal, and they exist today. The fairy tale is true. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.” – Ed Warren, Demonologist and author

Saturday, December 23, 2017. Early evening.

Seventeen days after my profound session with the psychic reader, I had yet another mind-blowing personal experience of an entirely different nature. An encounter so vivid, so deeply unsettling, that even forty-five days later I can actively recall each moment as though I were right back where it happened again.

This particular Saturday night started unusually enough in that my youngest daughter and I went grocery shopping at Aldi, rather than our usual destinations of Tops or Wegmans. Caving to Boyfriend’s sustained exhortations to reduce the food bills, she and I trudged into the discount retailer somewhat begrudgingly, but with enough holiday spirit to indulge his plea. We bantered, trying to recall the last time either of us had set foot in Aldi, given our mutual dislike of the quality and selection there. We comically wrestled with getting the quarter in the doohickey to release the cart from its frozen prison. She giggled as I intoned dramatically about ‘not being able to go out the way we came in’, given the maze-like layout. Dutifully, we began selecting the items we could find from the list, while debating the relative merits of using ‘free empty boxes vs. paying for carry bags’ so as to load our self-packed haul into the car afterwards.

We soon realized the best way to get through our task would be to ‘divide and conquer’, with my pushing the cart, and her toting a large empty box down different aisles. At one point, I decided to head up toward the center of the cashing lanes in front of the store, to cut over to the bread section. Just as I pushed the cart to begin its left turn toward my intended destination, I happened to glance up, then instantly stopped stone dead in my tracks for what I locked eyes with:

In the bread section some ten feet away stood a lone haggard-visaged “woman”, staring directly at me with a twisted expression of unmitigated disgust and seething hatred. The sheer malevolence within “her” energy, came off her in palpable waves. I legitimately half-expected her eyes to suddenly glow red, and her lips to curl into a fang-toothed snarl. Somehow, I knew that it wasn’t the woman herself doing it, but a dark force within the woman, controlling her. Where once may well have been a typical middle-aged and once-attractive lady, she was long gone, for some entity having caused her to become ugly from the inside out. These observations came like a rapid-fire series of intuitions in seconds, therefore I intuitively recognized what I was facing was decidedly not human, hence the quotation marks above. She was clearly possessed by something.

[NOTE: I say this not to be hyperbolic, but to relate events with the dead accuracy an encounter like this demands.]

Blindsided, and not a little perplexed, I returned her gaze like a deer caught in headlights while my mind frantically cast about for context: why in the world was she looking at me like that?! Did I somehow know her? Did she know me from somewhere that I would not know her from? What in the world is happening here?? Interestingly, the one emotion I did not feel was FEAR. Bewilderment? Sure. Confusion? Definitely. Fear, though? Not a single iota.

At that moment, it was as though all the shoppers and shelves slowly faded and disappeared, leaving only her and I standing in a white-walled room still gripping our shopping carts in silent stand-off, much like a Star Trek holodeck program had abruptly ended. Very ‘Matrix’-esque, really. Have you ever had similar happen to you? Then you know the surrealism of same is quite breathtaking, much like what transpired next:

She and I continued to stare each other down in what felt a soundless, timeless space. The tension was thick and heavy in the air. She appeared for all the world precisely like a wolf, every muscle poised and ready to pounce, but seeming ‘locked’ in place. Unwilling or unable to attack, but prepared to annihilate the nanosecond it would or could – that sensation. Having had chance to come to grips, I found myself idly wondering what must have happened in her life, that she would look and be like that. At that passing musing, I had a sudden realization that equally as much as it wasn’t “her” I was seeing, but what was within her… she, too, wasn’t seeing ME, but rather the bright light within me. Possibly even the guardian angels around me, as well. A wave of compassion then crashed through me, and I felt my features soften as I tilted my head slightly, never for a moment breaking eye contact. THAT was when, out of nowhere, I telepathically ‘heard’ her sneer:

“I don’t need or want your PITY, human!”

The deep raspiness of the voice was bad enough, but the pure despisement with which the syllables were SPAT made me recoil. In past, on exceedingly rare occasions, I have ‘heard’ voices just outside of my ear calling my name. Once just recently, while worrying about my job and finances, I heard a male voice outside my ear intone: “Relax.” Yet never have I ever experienced true telepathic communication. Little did I realize, I would experience the phenomenon again in short order.

With the echoes of the vitriolic statement still bouncing around my arrested brain, I suddenly ‘heard’ a much different voice telepathically. This voice was male. Calm, but powerful. Commanding. Intuitively, I knew it to be my “male” guardian angel. He ‘said’, in direct response to her:

“This One is not for YOU.”

Yes, intentional capitalization of “One”. It was understood, as if to impart that by being of God and under the protection of His angels, I was greater/higher than “it”. Warmth, love, and peace coursed through my soul at the angel’s simple statement. Along with deep gratitude, and abiding fidelity. It was a truly joyous feeling, hearing that short rebuke on my behalf.

Right then, out of seemingly nowhere, my daughter’s voice rang out: “Mom! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

I felt as though her voice was coming out of the Ether, some distance away, which caused me to hesitate before looking away from that “being”. During all my twenty-seven years and seven months of being a mother, one thing I’ve learned is this: never break eye contact while being stared down by a child. They must be made to look away first. This establishes dominance. Yet, not only was I first to break eye contact with that entity inside that woman, but in the few moments after initially hearing my child’s voice, I also turned away so that my full back faced where she stood.

And just like that, the “spell” was broken.

I have no idea how long I was ‘gone’ during that experience. Replaying it in my mind while half-listening to my daughter asking if we could grab items not on our list, a strong feeling of disquiet sat in my solar plexus. I felt as though I were covered in some type of etheric “ick”, merely for being in proximity with that manifestation of darkness. Still, I never once looked over my shoulder as I normally would, to “clock” the location of that woman. I knew I didn’t have to. Dominance was established naturally, long ago. Other eyes were keeping keen watch, for me. No need to fear, no cause to mind my back against attack.

Thank you, God of Abraham. Thank you, angels.

OH, and the bread? Yeah, we never got any that night. My daughter did get to hear quite the story on the drive home, though!! ūüėČ

In love and light,


Messages from Heaven: Part III, Final

[Third verse, same as the first. And second. With feeling.]

III. Career

  • (She says) You often quietly pray over your sleeping elderly female patient, or silently focus on directing healing energy to the many areas that ail her. You even ask your Angels to be with her while you are not there during the day… she is in stitches at how stunned and pale you look right now! She asks how it can be so surprising that she would “hear” you? She explains the pre-dawn hours are when she is “closest” to you, that she always hears and knows what you do in Spirit, and she assures you that she helps you every time. She truly enjoys being of use, and service in this way.
  • You need to quit telling yourself that you are “too old” to make big changes in your life, especially when it comes to your work. That is the biggest block you need to get over, or push out of your path, because you consistently get in your own way by believing this lie. You “foresaw” your own death*, yet cling to the falsity that “your best years of serving the Many are behind you”. She asks how can that possibly be Truth, when you have more years remaining, than you’ve actually been alive? She says you need to look into people who achieved their success “later in life”, and use their stories as inspiration.
  • You need to let go of the guilt and shame you have attached to placing a fair monetary valuation on your gifts, abilities, and experience. You are not charging for what you DO, you are charging for your TIME. You ask for “crumbs”, in exchange for the “entire loaf ” you provide. She asks you to please stop underestimating your worth, while allowing others to take advantage of your good heart and strong work ethic.
  • Because you are a “people person”, you have served others of all ages, in varying capacities over the decades. She can tell you that your future focus will primarily remain with the elderly of the population, because “you and Spirit made an agreement in your heart about it, way back”. There is something about this stage of Life for you: it is never ‘just a job’, the people and even their loved ones are more like ‘extended family’, you feel called to nurture and minister to their bodies and spirits. Serving the aged is “your way of bringing honor to a time when most people feel stripped of their dignity, and individuality. You hear their stories, ease their fears, you make them feel ‘seen’ and valued”. She says you are looked at quite literally as an “earth angel”, by them.
  • She sees your future work as taking the form of “energetic and spiritual rehabilitation”, likely via Reiki, or other modalities such as Qi Gong. At the same time, she cautions and reminds that you have Free Will, and can change the form or direction of your life and goals at any time. Nothing is set in stone.
  • THIS IS YOUR TIME OF EXPLORATION. She says you are a healer, creator, supporter, investor – not of money, but of love and time and energy, and a MAGNIFIER.

IV. Closing Messages

  • The “male” guardian angel steps forward, to tell you that you have been completely healed of your very serious eating disorder. In fact, far more serious than you ever let on to anyone around you. You learned when you need to reach out for help. Food now fuels you again, instead of the need for control over it. You no longer want to disappear to avoid notice, or taking up space. Go easy, be gentle, rest when you need to. Let go of all pain, doubt, guilt, sadness, shame, fear, and self-hatred. You are fully loved. You are fully supported. You are fully protected. So it is, and so will it be.
  • Your father steps forward to tell you, “GOD is real”. He shows the moment of his passing, where he was met and embraced by The Holy Spirit and carried Home. He felt no pain, he did not suffer. He also wants you to know that he “LIKES THE WAY YOU TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!!” He smiles, saying you will know what he means by that. He loves you very much, and he is still around you, even when you think you can’t “feel” him there anymore.
  • Your niece returns to add that she, too, loves you. She shows the moment of her passing as well, where she was met by your father – who, apparently was teasing her like, “Well kid, you REALLY did it THIS time, huh?!” She also went painlessly and very quickly, so no one should blame themselves that they couldn’t save her in time. There was no anger or rebuke from GOD over the cause of her passing. Rather, she “was welcomed Home in glory and victory” that she managed to live as long as she did, when she could have “given up” long before then. She ends by saying, “When I look back at my life, I wish that I could have felt as beautiful as I really was. I always thought that I was not good enough, not smart enough for struggling so much in school, not strong enough to ever conquer my demons. I wish I would have spent less time beating myself up mentally and emotionally, and even less time abusing myself physically. I wish I had accepted myself for how I truly was deep down. I was trying so hard to find love everywhere else but within my own family, for so long, that I forgot who I was. Please, be kinder to yourself than that.”
  • She and your father both confirm they were “the bodies of golden light” who met your daughter at the time of her Near Death Experience. As you know, it wasn’t ‘her time’, but they wanted to provide love and comfort while encouraging her to “go back”. They were so overjoyed to connect with her again in Spirit, while they could. They say they will both be there again, when it really is her time to be welcomed Home

*- In my mid-20’s, I had a pre-cognitive flash of seeing myself as a white-haired old woman, in a hospital bed. As I watched outside of myself, I could ‘hear’ older me thinking excitedly, “I have had such a good life. I cannot wait to see what happens next!!” Later, my vision would be confirmed by a psychic friend, who told me I will pass a few months after my 100th birthday, of ‘drowning’ in my own fluids as a result of pneumonia. If accurate, I have a bit better than 52 years left to live. Which, IS longer than I have been alive to this point. Who really knows, but it’s kind of comforting to (possibly) glimpse how and when this incarnation might be over.

Messages from Heaven: Part II

For how long it took me to post this continuation entry, one would think Heaven used snail mail to get the messages to me.  In the protracted interim, I have learned that transcribing recordings is decidedly not for me.  The intense concentration expended to get everything verbatim, with full orchestration and five part harmony and stuff like that and all (1), simply exhausts me to the point where I repeatedly fall asleep like a narcoleptic.  Be glad I am not your local court stenographer.

Much as there is more than one way for Heaven to get messages across, so too is it possible to format transcriptions in varied and splendiferous ways.  I know, right?!  To wit:  relating the specific quotes/info ‘from’ my late niece during the remainder of the psychic reading begun in Part I, will now breakneck segue from “conversational style”, and instead take old school outline form with spiffy bullet points.  Praise be.

[Original disclaimers still implied, yadda yadda. Lather, rinse, maim, repeat. Lay flat to dry.]

I.  Anxiety

  • (She says)  You always seemed to ‘have your stuff together’, but OH MY GOSH WHO KNEW HOW FAST YOUR MIND WAS SPINNING. This year, much like last year, you have been mostly ‘swept along with the current’ for lacking the structure and stability that is needed.
  • Even though you are used to the rhythm of working choppy day hours, the seven overnights a week is totally opposite your ‘natural clock’.  This really didn’t bother you before, but now it’s throwing you off, and wearing you down. Anxiety is difficult enough, without being chronically sleep deprived on top of it.
  • All the things you experience within your anxiety are the little ‘nudges’ to kind of push and steer you towards a new direction.  Pay attention to what’s really going on when anxiety hits, and reflect on what the cause might be trying to tell you.

II.  Relationships

  • (She says)  You have always picked out the “angry men” in your life.  You internalize how other people feel, and at times think you are the source or cause of the other person’s negative emotions. She looks at your boyfriend now, and he is “very different” from the men before. She wants you to know you have ALMOST mastered that lesson: you will do so, when you finally stop making yourself responsible for other people’s irrational feelings of anger. That is not your problem, the issue is their own.
  • It is NOT that you are a magnet for abuse. People like that are drawn to the immense light within you because they do not possess it themselves, and they want to stay warm.  Never allow low-vibrating people to steal your warmth.
  • You have incredible difficulty relying on other people for anything.  You feel you can only truly rely on yourself. This is mainly within the area of money.  Because you constantly fear running out of it, you quite literally RUN OUT to earn even more.  This worsens your anxiety, sleep deprivation, etcetera in a vicious circle. Taking time off is even more difficult for you.  You only want to give and give, until you literally give out. It all comes back to TRUST with you:  you have to trust that GOD, our Creator is going to take care of you.  If you cannot rely on, or take from others in your life, at the very least rely on and take whatever you need freely from Him. She also says to re-read The Sermon on the Mount.
  • Do not allow anyone in your life to manipulate and/or blame you for the hard choices you made at various points in your life, while using the very best information you had at the time.  Every choice you made, was made from your HEART.  She says two words: responsibility and accountability. You have completely mastered these lessons, now others in your life must learn the same on their own paths.  Know that you are not to blame for any struggles they now face, these were not caused by you. They need to free themselves of being victims of their own past choices in certain situations, and take charge of their futures.
  • You always told her and made her feel it was okay to struggle; to be broken; to be lost; to be weird; to be her truest self; to be a “hot mess”.  You never made her feel JUDGED, she only ever felt your caring and concern. She says she wants you to now turn all that love back onto yourself!!
  • She reminds you that you are not the black sheep, you are the trendsetter.  You are the first to open your eyes to the Truth of many situations. You are a natural lie detector, and an excellent barometer of assessing people’s character… BUT YOU DOUBT YOURSELF AND TALK YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR FIRST IMPRESSIONS.  “Oh, well, but they looked nice…”, or “Okay, but they did do that one act of kindness, so now I know I must be wrong!” Always go with your first impression, instinct, and answer: that is Spirit talking, and Spirit resonates far too highly to be false.


To be continued, yet again, only much sooner this time…

  1. Reference to Alice’s Restaurant Massacree, by Arlo Guthrie.

Messages from Heaven, Part I

The following transcript is from an hour-long taped recording of a private in-person session I had on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017; with a thoroughly-vetted psychic Medium. This woman is locally renowned for her ability to connect to Spirit, and the deceased, with uncanny accuracy during cold readings.  The sole prior information given to her was my first name, over the phone at time of booking.

What you are about to read is subject to your own belief(s), and is not intended to prove or disprove whatever said belief(s) might be. This transcription merely reflects my personal experience, conveyed precisely as told to me.  All I can sincerely relate is, the information contained herein is utterly chilling in its contextual veracity, and includes specific detail no other living soul could possibly know about otherwise.  In more ways than one, it would seem.

[All emphasis below, is hers.]

“Okay. Before we start, I want you to know that the minute you walked through the door, I felt enveloped by a feeling of pure PEACE. You have such a bright light within you, to the point I am actually glad you went with black and dark grey clothes today… if you’d chosen a hot pink color instead, for example, you’d be blinding!

There are three stepping forward for you today:¬† an older male who identifies as your father, a younger female who indicates she is your niece, and one of your two guardian angels- I am getting a more “masculine” energy from this angel, while your other angel is more “feminine” in aspect. I know, you look surprised (laughs), but it’s common for people to have more than one guardian angel from birth- one woman I read for had five! Some souls need more protection from the darkness than others, is all. Anyway…

[Pausing, listening] Mmm hmm. Okay. Yes.

Your father wants to speak first, but your niece is clamoring for my undivided attention… she is verrrrry high energy, almost ADD or ADHD, I want to say.¬† She is also very funny! She is saying that it surprises her that you, of all people, are here today. [Pause]¬† Oh my gosh, she is hysterical: she is laughing, and showing me all the times you tried to teach her about metaphysics and crystals… at the time, and this is exactly how she says it, she was like ‘Okurrrrrrrrrr Aunt Kimmy, whatever, it’s a bunch of ROCKS!’ She smiles, and says, ‘How the tables have turned! Now it’s MY CHANCE to give you back some of the weird crap you tried to tell me, all those years!’ She also now knows that you were absolutely right, crystals do have healing properties.

She wants to start by saying she is sorry for not making you feel “heard” during those times, most especially when you would try to help and talk about her “issues”. You often worried that you were having no effect whatsoever. It wasn’t that she didn’t care, or appreciate the effort, her mind was just always on three or four different things at once. She notes it is the same with the rest of the relatives: you often “speak up” in the family, but no one ever seems to truly “hear” you, and that puts you in a frustrating position. This was very much the case at her passing: when everyone else was freaking out, you were always “the voice of reason”.¬† She says you can’t give in to discouragement though, because some people remember your words later on in the silence when they finally have a minute to pause. Still, you were always VERY patient with her, really almost too patient and calm, at times when you should have been more upset.

She admires you, because you work tirelessly to encourage other people to “wake up”; and to have more love, trust, and compassion. You never made her feel judged, and she thanks you for that. She points out that you look at yourself like a “weirdo”, “the black sheep of the family”, the “outsider or outlier”: that is not how she sees you, not how your angels see you, and most importantly that is not how GOD, our Creator sees you. And, that is NOT how you ARE.¬† You are the one person who, even though people might say you have your “little quirks”, these same people intuitively know this is your authentic self, THIS IS WHO YOU ARE.¬† There is no “front” that’s put on. Your ability to be so open, so candid, and so genuine with everyone… your unique PRESCENCE… is what they truly see and feel. She notes your mother simply looks at you as “marching to the beat of your own drum”.¬† She lovingly tells you to stop believing the lies you tell yourself, to stop the critical tapes in your head.

[Pause, listening]¬† Goodness, she goes so fast… it’s like loop-de-looping keeping up…. okay. Yes. Alright. Okay.

She says you need to give yourself more credit, because at a time when most people have gone inward over her passing, you have gone OUTWARD. You tried to talk about her, and speak about her passing in a way in which people could “open up” about it. She wants to thank you for that, as well.¬† She wants you to also know that she is SO PROUD of you:¬† you, she says, are INSPIRING… to her, and to others. This is because instead of becoming angry, bitter, or vengeful; you have become SOFTER. This takes great courage. You must never think of yourself as “crazy” for your interests or beliefs, if anything, she wants you to think of yourself as “gifted”.¬† You have the ability to “see” past our current circumstances. Everyone else in the family prefers to be “half-asleep”, and not go in too deep. They, would rather stay busy and distracted by ACCOMPLISHING. You, are the TRUTH SEEKER, and TRUTH TELLER. You have the wisdom of knowing there are greater riches to be found far beyond the physical realm.

You have consciously avoided your gifts in past because the time was not right. This is changing, and with effort towards reintegration of the splitting of your Mind, Body, and Soul from separate thirds back to wholeness/Oneness, you will rediscover and reclaim your rightful abilities. Yoga and Reiki will be the keys to this effort, along with a physical component such as kickboxing.¬† You also need a place for your SOUL to sit down… you have a place for your body to rest, but not your soul. You need to set aside a sacred, dedicated place for your spiritual needs. It doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate, but it must be ONLY for Spirit to dwell. It can be a room, a chair, a yoga mat, whatever… but the point is you must make the space and time for this.

She says you have been living mainly in Mind for many years, but now is the time for you to move from Mind into Body, then Body into Soul. You are extremely sensitive to light, sound, scent, temperature, textures, and touch: she suggests a weighted blanket to wrap up in, especially during your spiritual work. You feel EVERYTHING in your stomach region… the solar plexus. She notes this as the root of the bulk of your body’s “DIS-EASE”, as she enunciates it. Your autoimmune issues stem from your anxiety.¬† Your body is exhausted by your irregular sleep patterns, and constant dietary changes. You must be more gentle with yourself, which is why yoga will aid with the silence and focus you need, and allow healing to flow through you. She cautions that you must make sure you are regularly centering, and grounding yourself:¬† she suggests imagining yourself as a building with lightning rods on it, and visualize your energy harmlessly flowing over and grounding accordingly. More shielding will aid in avoiding the overwhelm that so often paralyzes you. Remember to breathe. Find the silence. Take time off from work when you need to, no matter how guilty it makes you feel. Also, she laughingly thinks you’re nuts for always working on Christmas… but she knows your mind, ‘Who will do it, if not me? Who will show them the warmth and nurturing they need?” She is grinning…”

To be continued…

Make love famous: a love letter for today. ‚ÄĒ hannah brencher

I don’t know a thing about politics. I don’t talk about it in small circles. I’ve held my breath for most of this election. I know some people are happy with the outcome of last night. Some of you are absolutely heartbroken. Some of you aren’t living in America so it touches you or it […]

via Make love famous: a love letter for today. ‚ÄĒ hannah brencher

Rays of Light: meet The Full Circle Project

Psssst. That site linked below?

IS. EV-ER-Y-THING. AMOR BELLATOR. STANDS. FOR. ¬†Precisely, to the last, the “Peace de la Resistance” (just made that up!) ¬†revolution/movement that I have been dreaming ¬†to launch for years. Naturally, they handily beat me to it, but the sheer elation at quite literally Stumbling¬†onto one’s tribe so randomly, more than makes up for being a laughably unoriginal straggler.

To wit, without further ado:


The Full Circle Project

Awakening the Warrior Spirit
Do you hear the Call?


A warrior does the right thing in the face of obstacles and opposition.

A warrior feels compassion for the life they protect, and it is love, not hate, which motivates them.

A warrior knows they make others uncomfortable in times of peace, yet are welcomed in times of conflict.


The Full Circle Project welcomes you in these times of conflict, for we are at war on all levels; we face a Full Spectrum offensive of very dark nature and yet the challenges presented are there as opportunities to expose the lies and live in Truth.

Now is the time to stand together rather than stand alone and allow these engineered mechanisms to engulf us and our children.

A clear and concise remedy can be found by identifying the root causes of the problems we face. By building a unified community and taking common sense action in a swift and determined manner we can call a halt to the insanity and the suffering which threatens each and every one of us.

A Full Spectrum Response is one that will remind and align us with the full spectrum reality of who we truly are.

By reclaiming our power, accessing creative tools to free our imagination and by finding an authentic means to connect with other people who share our cares and concerns, we can forge a way to a future free from oppression.

May the resources and information here help to fuel your passion for freedom and ignite a grassfire phenomenon in your life and community that will spread throughout the world. We can thus heal the severed connection to our selves, each other and our surroundings and bring our true human path Full Circle to a natural and empowered state of abundance, joy and gratitude for Life.

It’s time to step into the warrior’s role; one of action made in love, compassion and a fierce determination to fulfill our true calling.

DISCLAIMER: Unauthorized quotation ganked directly from the Project’s homepage,¬†ipsissima¬†verba, and¬†respectfully linked back to cite source. Mentally insert applicable legalese against copyright infringement here, void where prohibited. MSRP does not include taxes, license, or registration fees. Wash in cold water, lay flat to dry.

More to come on this exhilarating find!

In love and light,





Harbinger of Love, Ray of Light: meet Hannah Brencher

Truly, there could not possibly be a more fitting start to posting on Amor Bellator, than to showcase a remarkable young woman who wholly embodies and exemplifies the spirit of this blog at its core.

From her TED Talk, please view (and hopefully, enjoy) the following brief video of a personal mission that moved my soul, while inspiring me vastly, when I had privilege to stumble upon it one idle day. With great pleasure, I acquaint you with Ms. Hannah Brencher, in her own words:

… The reason for, passion in, and earnestness of her presentation hits me straight in the solar plexus. Every. single. time. Whew.¬†Plus, how nervous and scared is she?? I just want to hug her tightly, and whisper “Breathe, honey… BREATHE…”

In the years since her onstage appearance, Ms. Brencher has:

So much enriching growth, change, service, and empowerment! All springing from the seeds planted since she first anonymously risked acting upon the stirrings of her heart. Had she resisted speaking publicly about her covert activities, the global movement borne out of her temerity might never have occurred. Staggers me to contemplate, right now.

Every individual has the exact capacity for service to the many within them. This, I believe with every atom of my being. That belief is but one facet of the germane purpose in beginning this online odyssey. In planting my own seeds, here and now, I hope to realize uniquely bountiful blessings for having the temerity to publicly discuss the stirrings of my heart. Thank you, Hannah Brencher, beyond thanks for being an integral reason and object lesson for me to make the leap. Intuition has been pushing me closer to the edge of doing this, for far too long. The time is now.

The Amor Bellator Legion needs foot soldiers who believe we are all One, and all connected, to join up. Who see too much darkness and evil in this world, to bear it even a moment longer. Who are willing to take up the fight for love, light, truth, faith, service, compassion, tolerance, inclusion, and higher purpose – amongst other ideals. It’s the only battle worth living for, in my opinion. To do so is ultimately up to you as individuals, of course. As for me, I am ALL IN, blog or no blog. For one far more comfortable following, than leading, this entire undertaking is paralyzing. Yet, I staunchly trust that faith will overcome fear; so I am putting myself out there on the front line, nonetheless.

Here goes nothing. Or, EVERYTHING…

In love and light,


P.S. ¬†As one good leap deserves another, I have finally –FINALLY-¬†purchased note cards to begin randomly leaving my own Love Letters around my city. ¬†I came upon the following gorgeous card packs in Target last week, while browsing the dollar bins on a whim. Guess it was more of a “prompting”, seeing as I was inspired to acquire $40.00 worth of them! Basically, I can never face that cashier again…




About and Contact Pages Are Now Up!

Check them out. No, seriously, check them out.

I don’t know for sure, but they just might cover any questions you may have so far. Unless you don’t like being told what to do, and would rather take your chances by winging it. Choices are personal, but you are personally responsible for the consequences of your choices. Just saying.

More to come, soon!

In love and light,


(Founder of what will ideally become the Amor Bellator Legion)