Rays of Light: meet The Full Circle Project

Psssst. That site linked below?

IS. EV-ER-Y-THING. AMOR BELLATOR. STANDS. FOR.  Precisely, to the last, the “Peace de la Resistance” (just made that up!)  revolution/movement that I have been dreaming  to launch for years. Naturally, they handily beat me to it, but the sheer elation at quite literally Stumbling onto one’s tribe so randomly, more than makes up for being a laughably unoriginal straggler.

To wit, without further ado:


The Full Circle Project

Awakening the Warrior Spirit
Do you hear the Call?


A warrior does the right thing in the face of obstacles and opposition.

A warrior feels compassion for the life they protect, and it is love, not hate, which motivates them.

A warrior knows they make others uncomfortable in times of peace, yet are welcomed in times of conflict.


The Full Circle Project welcomes you in these times of conflict, for we are at war on all levels; we face a Full Spectrum offensive of very dark nature and yet the challenges presented are there as opportunities to expose the lies and live in Truth.

Now is the time to stand together rather than stand alone and allow these engineered mechanisms to engulf us and our children.

A clear and concise remedy can be found by identifying the root causes of the problems we face. By building a unified community and taking common sense action in a swift and determined manner we can call a halt to the insanity and the suffering which threatens each and every one of us.

A Full Spectrum Response is one that will remind and align us with the full spectrum reality of who we truly are.

By reclaiming our power, accessing creative tools to free our imagination and by finding an authentic means to connect with other people who share our cares and concerns, we can forge a way to a future free from oppression.

May the resources and information here help to fuel your passion for freedom and ignite a grassfire phenomenon in your life and community that will spread throughout the world. We can thus heal the severed connection to our selves, each other and our surroundings and bring our true human path Full Circle to a natural and empowered state of abundance, joy and gratitude for Life.

It’s time to step into the warrior’s role; one of action made in love, compassion and a fierce determination to fulfill our true calling.

DISCLAIMER: Unauthorized quotation ganked directly from the Project’s homepage, ipsissima verba, and respectfully linked back to cite source. Mentally insert applicable legalese against copyright infringement here, void where prohibited. MSRP does not include taxes, license, or registration fees. Wash in cold water, lay flat to dry.

More to come on this exhilarating find!

In love and light,





Harbinger of Love, Ray of Light: meet Hannah Brencher

Truly, there could not possibly be a more fitting start to posting on Amor Bellator, than to showcase a remarkable young woman who wholly embodies and exemplifies the spirit of this blog at its core.

From her TED Talk, please view (and hopefully, enjoy) the following brief video of a personal mission that moved my soul, while inspiring me vastly, when I had privilege to stumble upon it one idle day. With great pleasure, I acquaint you with Ms. Hannah Brencher, in her own words:

… The reason for, passion in, and earnestness of her presentation hits me straight in the solar plexus. Every. single. time. Whew. Plus, how nervous and scared is she?? I just want to hug her tightly, and whisper “Breathe, honey… BREATHE…”

In the years since her onstage appearance, Ms. Brencher has:

So much enriching growth, change, service, and empowerment! All springing from the seeds planted since she first anonymously risked acting upon the stirrings of her heart. Had she resisted speaking publicly about her covert activities, the global movement borne out of her temerity might never have occurred. Staggers me to contemplate, right now.

Every individual has the exact capacity for service to the many within them. This, I believe with every atom of my being. That belief is but one facet of the germane purpose in beginning this online odyssey. In planting my own seeds, here and now, I hope to realize uniquely bountiful blessings for having the temerity to publicly discuss the stirrings of my heart. Thank you, Hannah Brencher, beyond thanks for being an integral reason and object lesson for me to make the leap. Intuition has been pushing me closer to the edge of doing this, for far too long. The time is now.

The Amor Bellator Legion needs foot soldiers who believe we are all One, and all connected, to join up. Who see too much darkness and evil in this world, to bear it even a moment longer. Who are willing to take up the fight for love, light, truth, faith, service, compassion, tolerance, inclusion, and higher purpose – amongst other ideals. It’s the only battle worth living for, in my opinion. To do so is ultimately up to you as individuals, of course. As for me, I am ALL IN, blog or no blog. For one far more comfortable following, than leading, this entire undertaking is paralyzing. Yet, I staunchly trust that faith will overcome fear; so I am putting myself out there on the front line, nonetheless.

Here goes nothing. Or, EVERYTHING…

In love and light,


P.S.  As one good leap deserves another, I have finally –FINALLY- purchased note cards to begin randomly leaving my own Love Letters around my city.  I came upon the following gorgeous card packs in Target last week, while browsing the dollar bins on a whim. Guess it was more of a “prompting”, seeing as I was inspired to acquire $40.00 worth of them! Basically, I can never face that cashier again…




About and Contact Pages Are Now Up!

Check them out. No, seriously, check them out.

I don’t know for sure, but they just might cover any questions you may have so far. Unless you don’t like being told what to do, and would rather take your chances by winging it. Choices are personal, but you are personally responsible for the consequences of your choices. Just saying.

More to come, soon!

In love and light,


(Founder of what will ideally become the Amor Bellator Legion)